Tektronix 7623 A Oscilloscope with Modules
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Product Description:
Tektronix 7623 A Oscilloscope with Modules

Used Tektronix Oscilloscope. Oscilloscopes display graphs of electrical signal. 
You could use this for a number of things. 
Determining time and voltage values of an electrical signal, caculating frequency of an oscillating signal, or viewing moving parts of a circuit is no problem. 
This oscilloscope is used, and in good condition. 
It powers on when plugged in. 
That is all the testing we have completed. It seems to be in working conidtion. 
Details are provided below. 
Manufacturer: Tektronix 
Model Number: 7623 A 
Form Factor: Mainframe 
Bandwidth: 100 MHz 
Rise time: 3.5 ns 
Main time base - lowest 5 ns/div 
Display Type: CRT Monochrome 
Display Size: 13 cm 
Display modes: Bi-stable,Persistence 
Width: 221 mm (8.7 in) 
Height: 305 mm (12in) 
Length: 597 mm (23.5)


Shipping weight is 30 pounds

Loc: RC 3, on E


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Tektronix 7623 A Oscilloscope with Modules
  • Rating 5/5 Stars.
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Peter Mojzisik () - March 8th 2019
In 1980, an excellent oscilloscope with a digital analyzer did work. At that time, the US imposed an embargo on states for socialism. We managed to buy this device at an overpriced price (1980, Slovakia) in the microprocessor-based laboratory was irreplaceable for us. Thank you TEKTRONIX for this device at the time.
(Thank you for translating GOOGLE TRANSLATE from Slovak to English.)