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Brian Raulerson (Florida) - July 18th 2020
I built these and the Polk Audio center channel for my brother. With John's help I made my enclosure ported. 30" tall and 7"x7" on width and depth. I added a reinforcement about 1/3 up from the bottom. Put some acoustic foam in the top. Made an 18" red oak front baffle stained in "Gunstock" to match the center channel. Again I recessed the drivers with a trim router. I did make some legs and put spikes in them because they seemed a bit top heavy. The port was a clearance B52 port from Parts Express.

I got them all hooked up at my brother's house. He 'tested' them by playing some marching band video so loud that the nuts on the speaker spikes started to loosen and rattle. Perfectly clear, no clipping or cone break up. I had to remind him that they were brand new speakers and he may want to consider turning them down a bit until they break in all the way.

With this and the center channel kit, all the involved materials, wood, MDF, glue, stain, screws, spikes, metal for legs, paint so on, so forth ..... I probably spent $200. I would challenge you to find better sounding speakers anywhere on the planet for less. It was great fun to put them together and sound really nice.