Product Description:
Six Woofer two way Speaker Kit
Called the 6 Pack ( what else )
8 ohms 250 watts 



NOTE; The finished cabinets shown are some that a customer built. They are just an example of what you can build. Build to suit your taste. Sorry, they are not included in the kit.


I bought a large lot of 6.5" Woofers. Amazing little speaker that puts out a great deal of bass from it's size. It was a quality piece and looked very similar to a number of Polk Audio speakers I had in stock. As I said sound wise, a great sounding speaker. Which brought to mind a question of what I could build with this 6.5" driver to maximize performance and sound quality.
Thus was born the Mavin 6 Pack, a design which uses 6 of these 6.5" Woofers, coupled with a super sounding soft dome tweeter. So with computer in hand, I mapped out a set of plans for the 6 pack design. It is a large tower design with a slot port at the rear. 60", or 5 feet tall, this is a good sized speaker. It is 10" wide, and 16" deep. I spend a couple of days building a prototype, I wanted to here what this design sounded. You can see pictures of the prototype at the top. 
Finally it was done, the woofers wired in a series parallel configuration to get a 8 ohm load, coupled with a 8 ohm EMT-1 soft dome tweeter, crossoing over at 3400Hz.
The prototype was tested with a wide variety of music at different levels. Anything from rap, to rock, jazz to clasical a full spectrum of listening tastes and styles were applied to the speaker.
It was a excellent sounding speaker, not only can you feel the bass deep in your bones, but you can also feel it in your ears. the low frequencies were amazing, clean and crisp, not muddy or booming. The mids and highes sounded spot on, not colored or spikey at any point in our test, the speaker did not sound crappy. It sounded great, everything was there, the bass the mids and the highs, it came together and all worked as they should together.

Cutting through all of the hype and crap, if you want to build a super sounding set of speakers. You would need to spend a couple of thousand dollars to get something that sounds this good. 
With some basic wood working skills, and your time, you can make a killer sounding set of towers.

So enough of my rambling, what does the kit contain?
You get 12 of the 6.5" Woofer, a pair of the mavin EMT-1 tweeters, and a pair of our mavin T-201 crossovers.
The design should give you a good 20Hz. to 20kHz. range, the sound was pretty flat across the spectrum, as I said the sound isn't colored in any way. Everything we heard was true to the source.

Again you can see pictures of the prototype to the top, and you can download line drawings of the cabinet design below. See what you are getting into before you build the cabinets.


Line drawing of the Mavin 6 pack Cabinet 

Drawing for the cutting layout 

How to Wire up the Speakers for 8 Ohms

Basic specs. 

Power 250 Watts RMS
Impedance 8 ohms
Crossover Point 3400Hz.
Range 20Hz. to 20kHz. 


More Detail

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Bob Boyton (IL) - August 18th 2014
i have yet to recieve the speakers but i cant seem to find any information about the inside of the speakers such as damping requirments and so on

Response from Mavin

If the cabinet is designed correctly, there is no need for dampening material. The cabinet is designed correctly. Dampening material is used more in a sealed cabinet design. It is used to slow down the sound wave to make the cabinet appear acoustically larger.
Using dampening material in a well designed cabinet can in some cases hurt the performance of the speaker.
What may work well in this design, is something like Dynamat, lining the inside of the cabinet, it will help to reduce the resonance on the material used to build the cabinet.

Also, we are here to help if you have any questions, don';t be afraid to ask.. We're happy to do some hand holding i f you need it.