Klipsch Foster 5 1/4 inch Center Channel Speaker Kit
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Product Description:
Klipsch Foster Dual 5 1/4 inch
Center Channel Speaker Kit
Premimum Components from Klipsch 
(Foster), Samsung and Cerwin Vega
You are buying the components to fill one pair of cabinets.
2 woofers, 1 tweeters, and 1 crossover. 



Samsung Tweeter  Samsung Tweeter  Samsung TweeterDual Woofer Design > T-201 Crossover  Click here to download the basic drawing
Click a photo to 
    • In one sentence, BIG SOUND, SMALL PACKAGE!!! That sums it up....
    • You get (2) two Klipsch (Foster)** 5 1/4" woofers, (1) one Samsung High Output Dome Tweeters, all matched to the Mavin TL280 Crossovers ( you get 1 of these also). 
      **The woofers are OEM from Klipsch products. Mfg. for Klipsch by Foster, one of the largest and best speaker OEM's in the world.
    • Looking to build a great sounding set of Bookself or Small Tower speakers. This kit is a great choice, with these high quality components you DIY (do it yourself) and save money. Of the kits we offer, this is one of the better kits. Sound and performance are excellent.

      This is not some meak speaker kit, for each cabinet, you get 2 solid, fully shielded 5 1/4" Klipsch Foster woofers, they provide excellent quality bass, and a Samsung High Output tweeter, delivers crisp clean highs.  Both are matched to our Mavin TL280 crossover. Bang for the buck, it is one of the best on the market.

      Newby, or accomplished wood worker. Surprise yourself, and dazzle your friends with this sweet little do it yourself ( DIY ) project.

      • What do you get:
        • Two 5 1/4 inch Shielded Foster Cloth Surround Woofers 50 Hz to 7500 Hz. 80 watts, 16 ohms, 1" vc
        • One Samsung High Output Dome Tweeter 95 db, dome, 10 oz, 2.5kHz to 20 kHz, 8 ohms
        • One Mavin TL280 2 way Crossovers, 350 watts, cross-over point 3500 Hz, 12 db.. 
          note that the woofers need to be wired in parallel to get an 8 ohm impedence, this also doubles the power capability of the woofer.

        • Power: 160 Watts RMS
        • SPL: 92 db or greater
        • Response: 45 Hz to 20000 Hz.
        • Imp.: 8 ohms nominal 

        Cabinet Requirements:

        Perfect for any cabinet with a volume of about .5 to .75 cf

        If you built cabinets with inside dimensions of 13 inches by 7 inches by 7 inches, & if you use 3/4 inch MDF your outside dimensions would be 14.5 inches by 8.5 inches by 8.5 inches, but build to suit you needs, just keep the internal volume to about the .4 to .75 cf model and you'll do fine.
        *Note that a good material for this project is MDF, you can buy a nice piece of MDF shelving at your local building supply house for about $3.00 in 8 foot lengths (one 8 foot length should be plenty for this box), most have a nice rounded nose for a stylish look. So for about $35.00 you can build one heck of a nice sounding and performing speaker. 

        Now for those who need a bit of help in wiring the woofers in parallel. you will need two lenghts of wire (12 to 18 inches). Take the red leads from the crossover, and connect them to woofer number one, (lead with stripe is negative) then take the two lenghts of wire that you have and connect to the two woofers, positive to positive, and negative to negative. That's it, they are parallel.

        *A note to the builder, this kit can be used for either a Center Channel or Book shelf style of speaker you just mount the speakers in a different configuration, the boxes are the same size.
        See the Layout Pictures...

        Layouts that I have used, but you can be as creative as you choose...

        Layout for a Center Channel Design  
        Horizontal Layout                  
        Click on an image to enlarge                



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Gift for a friend
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Brian Raulerson (Florida) - July 18th 2020
A co-worker and good friend of mine thought his TV speakers were great. I have him set up with some stuff I had hiding in my garage and built this center channel for him. He was blown away. It even impress his wife to the point she made us dinner. I just put the drivers in a sealed cabinet with a little acoustic foam inside. Oak veneer on the front and painted the rest black. Shot some poly on it. While I was trying to break it in I thought the tweeter was pretty bright. I had the Polk Audio center on one side and this on the other. Once I had it all set up at my friend's house, it sounded fine. Really hard to beat for the money. Really, really hard.