Product Description:
6.5" Center Channel - Or - Book Shelf / Tower Speaker Kit
  • 6 1/2" ESS Woofers
  • Cerwin Vega Horn Tweeter
  • Boston Acoustics Dual 2 Way Crossover

Had requests for a 6.5" center channel kit, so we went into stock to see what we could come up with.

The result is a kit that supplies. A crisp clean sound, it has tight bass, a warm mid range, clear precise highs, plus good power handling capacity.

Went with ESS Labs,. it is a very nice 6 1/2" woofer with a very large magnet structure. It has a 1 1/2" voice coil,  it will handle some power.

Next,  a killer tweeter, selected a Cerwin Vega Horn. They are very good, clean crisp highs and a good range to keep the middle coming at you.

To tie them together we offer the Boston Acoustics dual woofer two way, it's crossover point is very well matched to the range of the speakers in the kit.

The object was to come up with a nice little center channel, or book shelf / floor tower speaker. With a range of about 35 Hz. to 20 kHz. plus, and a power range of 5 to 150 watts at 8 ohms. With this kit, we did that exactly.

Taking the ESS Labs woofers into the lab we got these specs:
  • Part number AC-650
  • 6 1/2" Woofer (2 supplied for a dual woofer design)
  • 1 1/2" Voice Coil
  • 4 ohms, (wired in series in the kit to give you an 8 ohm load)
  • 100 watts free air rating, 150 watts in a cabinet
  • R(e) = 3.37 ohms
  • Fs = 63.93 Hz.
  • Q(ms) = 3.263
  • Vas = 17.21 liters ( 0.608 cf )
  • n(0) = 0.42%
  • M(ms) = 11.88 grams
  • Q(es) = 1.012
  • SPL = 91 dB SPL 1W/1m
  • C(ms) = 0.52 mm/N
  • Z(max) = 14.24 Ohms
  • Q(ts) = 0.773
  • L(e) 0.43 mH
  • BL 3.99
  • Impedance is 4 ohms
  • Power handling is 150 watts RMS in a cabinet.
Cerwin Vega Horn Tweeter:
  • Part Number LSH-SL2010
  • 4" round horn tweeter (1 supplied)
  • 8 ohms
  • 1800Hz. to 21 kHz.
  • 1" VC
  • 60 watts RMS

Boston Acoustics Dual Woofer 2 Way Crossover:
  • 150 Watts
  • PC board style dual woofer 2 way cross over (1 supplied)
  • Rated to 150 watts
  • Cross over point is 2600 Hz
  • 12 dB slope
  • 3.000 by 6.500 inch size, slightly larger than a dollar bill.
Shipping weight is 10 pounds.

Build to a cabinet volume of 1 to 1.25 cf.

*A note to the builder, this kit can be used for either a center channel or book shelf style of speaker you just mount the speakers in a different configuration, the boxes are the same size.

**For a book shelf or tower speaker you will need to double your kit purchase in order to get a pair of components to build two speakers.
ESS Labs 6 1/2 Center or Book Shelf ESS Labs 6 1/2 Center or Book ShelfESS Labs 6 1/2 Center or Book ShelfESS Labs 6 1/2 Center or Book ShelfESS Labs 6 1/2 Center or Book Shelf

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Makes a Great Center Channel Speaker!
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Starguy (Webster, WI) - September 17th 2011
I bought a new 3D plasma HDTV last spring and needed to get it a little higher on my TV cabinet since I wear trifocals. My old center channel speaker was a littlle too small for the new HDTV to safely sit on so I decided to build a larger center channel speaker. Due to my previous positive experiences with Mavin speaker components I decided to go with this kit for my project.

I also wanted a speaker that had more sonic and dynamic range as most of the conversation in a DVD or Blu-Ray movie come out of the center channel and with all the sound effects used today it is sometimes difficult to hear what the actors are saying.

I am very pleased with how my project sounds. Conversations are now easier to hear and these speakers sound great.