Giant Golf Ladies 23 degree Rescue Wood RH

Giant Golf Ladies 23 degree Rescue Wood RH
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Giant Golf FM500 Fairway 23o Ladies Rescue Wood
New / Unused High Performance Ladies Flex Graphite Shaft...
Free Ground Shipping in the USA....

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    Can't hit a 2 or 3 iron, don't feel to bad a great many people can't. That's why this is such a great club, the ball flys off the 23 degree face and is much easier to hit further than your 3 wood. With this club there is no need to lay-up to the green, where you would use a long iron, you use this club and it gets the job done. Narrow fairway or long par 3, this is your club, easy to hit and very good on controling your shots.
    Each wood is new and comes with our 90 Day Warranty.

    • 23o degree fairway rescue wood
    • Ladies Flex, With Nice Gold Shafts and Contrasting Head
    • New Unused Product
    • Shaft Length 40 inches
    • Free Ground Shipping to U.S. Cities

    No hype...

    Just so you know a little bit about me, I have a hard time selling something I would not use myself, so I test each and every product before I list it. In doing so this it gives me a realistic idea of the quality of the product, if its good, I rave about it, if not, then you'll get and honest assessment of the product anyway...

    My conclusion about the wood is that it was very easy to hit and gave me a good choice in the fairway or light rough ( I used the men's stiff version ).
    You know what I mean you try to hit your driver a mile, and pull your head at the last minute. Hey you're lucky if the ball goes 50 yards, but now you got trouble and your still a long way from the green.
    This little wood worked well, first time I hit it, I was in light rough after a very bad drive off the tee, still 250 yards to the green. Well my drive wasn't pretty, but my second shot made up for it, straight and true right toward the green, carrying some 195 yards and left with a sand wedge to the flag.
    I didn't save par, but it could have gotten real ugly, the club was the right choice for the shot, and it worked well...


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