Giant Golf G500 Mens Regular Flex Set of Irons MRH

Giant Golf G500 Regular Flex Set of Irons
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Giant Golf G500 MRH High Performance Irons
Graphite Shafts Regular Flex
Big on performance, yet a very forgiving and playable set of irons...
3-PW packaged, Plus as a Bonus We'll Throw in Matching Wedge.
New in Factory Box New in Factory Box New in Factory Box
New in Factory Box New in Factory Box New in Factory Box New in Factory Box
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  • Long known for making great clubs Giant Golf followed up with their G500 Irons, for ease of play and improved performance you can't find a better set of irons anywhere.
    Each set is factory boxed and comes with our 90 Day Warranty.

    • These are Regular Flex Graphite Shafted Irons. 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,PW and while supplies last, we'll include as a bonus, Matching Gap or Lob Wedge upon availability.
    • Designed with the Corrective Club Head Positioning System (CCP), set slightly behind the shaft, it helps you keep you hands in the correct position, maximizing the impact to hit the ball straighter and farther.
    • Dual sole cutaway toe that lets the club head to glide easily through grass and be more effective out of the sand.
    • Larger cavity back and oversized clubhead optimized to distribute the weight around the perimeter of the club face, creating a larger sweet spot for a more forgiving club.

    The truth without the hype...

    Just so you know a little bit about me, I have a hard time selling something I would not use myself, so I test each and every product before I list it. In doing so this it gives me a realistic idea of the quality of the product, if its good, I rave about it, if not, then you'll get and honest assessment of the product anyway...

    My conclusion

    I was really pleased, I played a round of golf with my two nephews to try them out, both are duffers just like me. You know, we can hit it pretty far if we can keep it straight, thats the trick. I'm not going to sit here and lie about how every shot was right on the green, they were not, but over all we had a blast, and had a better round of golf than with our old clubs.
    My older nephew Frankie, remarked how he had never had as many pars in a game before, that was cool...
    Brian who hasn't touched a set of clubs in 3-4 years was working it too. He was rusty but I was really impressed at the number of shots that went where he wanted them to.
    If we could only have made the putts... But overall the clubs played very forgiving and were real good on distance.
    I can't speak for my boys, but as for me I was pleased with my round, it was much better than the score showed, I try to learn different shots as I play. Had a nice flop shot from 50 feet off the green, had to impress the nephews, full swing, 60 feet in the air and within 5 foot from the hole, that was cool.
    With some practice I can see us knocking 8-9 strokes off our game the more we get accustom to the clubs.
Club Loft o Lie o
3 20 60.5
4 23 61
5 26 61
6 29 61.5
7 32 62
8 35 62
9 39 62
PW 45 63
GW 50 63
Remember this set is Regular Flex and designed for someone with average club head speed.


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great irons love them
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Hayden Corcoran () - August 19th 2013
i like these irons very much, but they seem to have a low flight.
greate clubs
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Richard Erbland (NV) - June 28th 2009
have had 2 sets and they are just great