Gentle Giant Set of Golf Heads 3-AW

Gentle Giant Golf Heads, complete set 3-PW, AW, SW
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New Sets of Gentle Giant Iron Heads
Build your on set of top quality irons.
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Not our normal deal, but the golfer in us said why not!
So, how many of you out there have said to yourself, the clubs I have stink, "I can build a better set!!"
Believe me, you can do a lot worse than the Gentle Giants, dealers sold complete sets of irons for $600.00.
Now it's your chance shine, what are you waiting on, give it try and build a set, it's a great weekend project.
You need some basic hand tools, a set of shafts, grips, epoxy to glue them up, let the DIY in you out. Build on Saturday, let the epoxy cure over night, and you're on the golf course Sunday trying them out. What could be better?

Now you're playing with a little more pride, your friend's notice the new irons and say, "Hey nice set, were did you get them?"
" Oh this set, I built them last night." Their jaw drops a bit.....
Think of the joy in making a birdie with a club you built, feel the satisfaction of hitting the ball better, farther and all with a set of irons that you put together yourself.

What can be better????

Your golfing friends will start calling you

"Big Daddy Club Builder"

It could happen....

So all hype aside, we are offering complete sets of the Gentle Giant Iron Heads, components perfect for the person or club builder looking to put together a high quality set of Irons.
Made out of 431 Stainless Steel, theses heads are designed for duffer and professional alike, and have all the features you want and look for to cut strokes off your game.

This is a 10-iron set and is complete from the 3-iron to the pitching wedge, also included is an approach and sand wedge to complete the complement of heads.

Bored to fit standard .370" straight shafts and made for Giant Golf Company, the Gentle Giants were their premiere heads and were replaced by the current GX2 clubs (This is the same basic clubhead design with a name change) as seen on the Golf Channel.

Click on picture to enlarge,  Made from 431 Stainless Steel..... Fits std. .370 shafts.... Click on the picture to enlarge..  Low Center of Gravity....  Oversized Head for larger Sweet Spot.... Click on picture to enlarge...  Each head srink wrapped.....


Gentle Giant irons feature these stroke cutting design elements:
  • Designed with the Corrective Club Head Positioning System (CCP)
    • Head set slightly behind the shaft, it helps you keep you hands in the correct hitting position, maximizing the impact to hit the ball straighter and farther.


  • Dual sole cutaway toe
    • This lets the club head to glide easily through grass and be more effective out of the sand.


  • 3-step weight system
    • What this does is lower the center of gravity while adding balance.


  • Larger cavity back and oversized clubhead
    • The head design is optimized to distribute the weight around the perimeter of the club face, creating a larger sweet spot for a more forgiving club.


So Big Daddy Club Builder what are you waiting for???


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