12 inch Drop in replacement for the Large Advents, replaces the Hybrid 10"/12" woofer.

This the 8 ohm version of the Mavin drop in replacement for the Large Advents
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Mavin EM-TL3006Y-8 Woofer


Mavin's Own 12" High Performance Driver will replace the Hybrid 10"/12" Advent woofer. it is a drop in replacement for the Large Advents.  You remove the existing screws,  unmounting the old speaker, unplug the old driver, plug in the new one, and secure the new speaker, using the same screw holes. It's that simple.

Proven and tested, it sounds just as good, if not better than the original Advent drivers. Over all still a very good sounding speaker, much like we remember, with a bit more low end puch.

You know as well as we do, once you are a Large Advent fan, you will always be a fan of this speaker.

The TL3006Y-8, is rated to 250 Watts RMS with a Minimum SPL of 90 dB.
It has a Practical Frequency Range from 25 Hz to 5,250 Hz.
Rubber Surround and Heavy Magnet Structure High End Quality at a Mid Level Price.

Remember, it is a simple process to replace any of the standard Advent 10"/12" Woofers. Just undo the screws, pop out the old woofer, disconnect the wires and do the reverse to complete the install.


In about 5 minutes you're done, it could not be easier to bring those, Large Advents back to life.

Thiele Small Specifications
    • Revc = 7.200 ohms
    • Fo = 36.121 Hz.
    • Sd = 53.093 mM
    • Md = 60.000 g
    • Bl = 9.458T
    • Qms = 2.443
    • Qes = 1.225
    • Qts = 0.816
    • No = 0.431%
    • SPL = 90 dB
    • Vas = 115.926 mM
    • Cms = 289.613u M/N
    • Krm = 4.148 m Ohm
    • Erm = 0.793
    • Mms = 67.034 g
    • Mmd = 60.000 g
    • Kxm = 31.652 mH
    • Exm = 0.625
So we are Clear, this speaker only fits into the Large Advent Series  Like the one pictured below. You need to understand that before you buy. Advent had several different versions of the Large Advent, each varied from the other. Measure your mounting hole to make sure these will fit before you buy. Other Wise Shipping both ways is on you. If you have an 11" mounting hole, these will not fit, if you do not have about 12 1/2" between the frames across the face of the cabinet,  These will not fit. If you are not sure, Ask Before You Buy.



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