CueCat USB Version Cases of 100

The Cuecat is a basic Hand Held Barcode Scanner or Wand in the Shape of a Cat. Case of 100 pieces
Qty. Available 10
Price: $400.00


Case of 100 USB CueCats
New Unmodified OEM Packed No Software....
New Unused Unmodified USB CueCats....  Click to Enlarge.....
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What I am selling are cases of 100 each new unused un-modified oem packaged USB CueCat Barcode Wands / Scanners.
They come with no software or drivers, but software and drivers can downloaded through any of several hundred websites others...

Just Google CueCat, enough said...

So, What is a CueCat??

It is a Small Hand Held Bar Code Scanner. It was brought into the world by a now defunct company called "Digital Convergence", their plan was to get these scanners into the world to help tie you and advertisers together... Simple, the vendor puts their bar coded link into the ad they are running in a publication, you scan the bar code and you're off to the site for the item you are interested in.....
There goes the rub. Little known to the users was that each time you used the CueCat a encoded data stream was sent to Digital Convergence letting them track what you were doing. That was information they wanted to sell to help judge your buying habits and for use in demographic surveys.... Shades of 1984...
So now that Digital Convergence is dead who cares.... Read on

Long live the hackers, these people found that with a few minor modifications the CueCat could be made to work as a standard bar code reader. Free software was written for the Windows, Linux, Unix, MAC and other OS's which helps to tame the CueCat and undo the stealthy reason behind Digital Convergences business plan.


  • It is a Simple, Cheap and functional Barcode Scanner
    • Applications or users
      • Teachers
      • Sports Leagues
      • Non-Profit Groups
      • Inventory Control
      • Cataloging CD's Tapes etc...
      • Any Hobby Item you want to track
      • eBay items you sell, barcode them...
      • As much or as little as you want to barcode....
      • Small Business's for POS, where else can you do this on a shoe string budget???
      • Shipping Wt. is 28 pounds per case

    There are hundreds of sites on the internet dealing with the CueCat, how to use it, how to modify (De-Claw) with free software packages for most of OS's out there today....

    For Windows 2000 and above users, once modified you just plug it into your PC and you're ready to, it uses standard Windows drivers. You can scan into your Databases, Spread Sheets, Word Processors etc...
    For further info goto this link on the CueCat.


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