Nakamichi Folding Headphone Brown and Gold Compact Over Ear

Nakamichi Folding Headphone Brown and Gold
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What can I say about these head phones,

First they are Nakamichi, if you know anything about Nakamichi, you know that they have a proven history of producing high quality audio products.  These head phones fall right inline with that product philosophy, they are a compact over ear design, and do a very good job of reducing outside noise.

Being upfront with you, these are not Bose® Noise Canceling head phones, if that is what you are looking for and have hundreds more to spend on them, then go to another website.  These head phones do have a great sound, reproducing crisp clear highs and very deep forceful bass sounds. In general they reproduce the source very nicely and do it all in a light weight over ear head phone design. Plus they fold for easy packing up when on trips, they keep the kids in there own world for miles and miles, and will plug into any modern 3.5 mm  head phone jack, use with laptops, tablets, mp3 players and any phone that still has a head phone jack, note; that they have a built in mic for handsfree talking.  About MP3 players or phones, there is a control on the cord to play/pause/end call and a volume slide  for easy listening level adjustment of the player or phone. If you use on an airline it will cut down the annoying sounds from the passengers around you, plus they will cut out the majority of the engine hum. But sorry, they can't do anything about the little kid kicking the back of your seat. Although, if his or her parents would have bought them a set of these head phones, then they could be occupied on their own tablet, leaving your seat back alone.


In closing, if you want a terriffic sounding set of head phones that will not break the bank, then bang for buck you can't beat these. Buy several for you and the teens in your life, they will give you peaceful travels.



  •  Driver size is 40mm, just shy of 1"
  •  Sensitivity is 98db +/- 3db
  •  Impedance is 32Ω +/- 15%
  •  Frequency Range 20Hz. to 20,000Hz.
  •  Plug Type 3.5mm 
  •  Cable Length is 1.5 meters, Around 5 feet
  •  Build in on cord microphone
  •  Remote for pause / play, or to Hang up the Phone
  •  Volume slide control
  •  Foldable
  •  Compact Over Ear Design
  •  Lightweight and Adjustable

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