Mavin Shaw 6.5" 2 Way Speaker Kit 125 Watts 8 Ohm Excellent Sound Small Size

Mavin Shaw 6.5" 2 Way Speaker Kit 125 Watts 8 Ohm Excellent Sound Small Size
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Mavin Shaw 6.5" 2 Way Speaker Kit 125 Watts 8 Ohm Excellent Sound Small Size


We call this our Mavin Shaw 2 Way Design, it is a simple 2 Way Design using a 6.5" woofer, nice soft dome tweeter, and our Mavin 12 dB 2 Way Crossover.
The story behind the design, we have a friend who was a professor at a California State University, and as a class engineering project, they designed a small compact speaker, using a 6 1/2" woofer.  We include the design with the kit of components. What you get with the kit...

Two each of the following

JSD 6.5" woofer
JSD Soft Dome Tweeter
Mavin TL280 Crossover
3.5" Speaker Cups

Here are some specs you should see once the speaker is built..

45 Hz. to 21 KHz. 125 Watts RMS, and a fairly flat response.  Perfect for a garage, office, bedroom, rear surround sound or dorm room etc... Match them with a nice sub woofer and they would be good for most any room.
You get the picture, they put out a nice clean sound with warm precise tones, and you get to Do It Yourself, DIY at it's best.  The build isn't a big chore, but the end result is a speaker you would be proud to show off to your friends. It is a slot port design will is tuned to give you a good amount of bass, use a good grade 3/4" material and away you go.
You get all of the components and the plans to build this super sounding compact speaker.  You just add the elbow grease and the wood.

The woofer a Pair of JSD JW6028 8 ohm Polly cone woofers. 

Here are the T/S specs.

Fs = 45.09 Hz.
Re = 6.8 Ohms
Le = 0.2826 mH @ 10Khz
Qts = 0.612
Qes = 0.7646
Qms = 3.065
Vas = 53.6 liters ( 1.893 cf. )
BL = 6.14
SPL = 90 dB @ 1W/1m
SPL = 91 bD @ 2.83 Vrms
n0 = 0.6125%
Cms = 0.833 mm/N
Mms = 14.97 grams

8 Ohms
7.07" in Diameter
Poly Cone Rubber Surround
125 Watts RMS.

A pair of JSD JDT6028 Tweeters,
8 ohms,
2000 Hz to 21 KHz.
40 Watts

A pair of Mavin TL280 12 dB 2 Way Crossover 300 Watts 3400 Hz. Crossover Point

A Pair of 3.5" Speaker Cups

**When viewing an image, you can right click and open in a new tab for a larger version of the picture.  very helpful for printing or reviewing the plans..


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