Dual 12" Mavin 3 Way Speaker Kit 8 Ohm EM-D123 Old School Bass Ported Design

  What you're looking at is an Old School Design based in the 70' and 80's Love of BASS. Dual 12" Woofers
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What you're looking at is an Old School Design based in the 70' and 80's Love of BASS. Dual 12" Woofers for plenty of bass that you can feel in your chest, rattle your walls and neighbors walls as well, but they are more than just Bass boomers, they are a true 3 way design with a quality mid range driver and first teer tweeter meaning you get the best of both worlds.  You end up with nice low end and pleasant sounding mid and high ranges as well. The tweeters will give you a warm precise sound which is true to lfe with very good fidelity.  Whether you're listening to some Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath and want to tone it down with Chopin or Holst these will do the job and will rock your world either way.  What they do is perform, in the vain of Cerwin Vegas of the 70's they will take a lot of power and produce a lot of output they are efficient but the woofers do love power and are good to almost 500 Watts RMS.  So I would suggest using a good 80 to 100 watts to start driving them, and then just have fun listening. 

In the Kit you get enough components to fill two cabinets ( a Stereo pair )

This is a kit of components this is what you get.

Four Mavin TL3006Y-4 (12 inch 4 ohm Woofers)
Two Mavin T-306 Crossover ( 12 dB 1000 watt 8 ohm )
Two Mavin E-1 8 ohm Soft Dome Tweeters
Two ESS Labs Closed Back Mid Range Drivers

Start with a cabinet of 36" tall 14' wide and 14' deep netting you and internal volume of about 3.12 cf then use a 4" port 6" long to tune the cabinet for 35 Hz.

What you end up with is a speaker good to 500 Watts with a frequency range of 25Hz. to 20KHz. and a nice flat response one with an in your face sound. Everyone around you will know it too when you crank it up.

Wiring the woofers in parallel gives you the required 8 ohms for the crossover, the other speakers are wired direct to the crossover. (** A quick lesson on wiring in parallel run two extra wires from the positive and negatives of speaker one to speaker two.  One wire from + on one speaker to the + on the other, and one wire from the - on one speaker to the - on the other. Then two more wires the + and - from one of the woofers to the proper Woofer + - output of the crossover. )


Thiele Small SpecificationsRevc = 3.600 ohms


  • Fo = 35 Hz.
  • Sd = 53.093 mM
  • Md = 60.000 g
  • Bl = 7.547T
  • Qms = 2.379
  • Qes = 0.906
  • Qts = 0.656
  • No = 0.549%
  • SPL = 90 dB
  • Vas = 130.532 mM
  • Cms = 326.102u M/N
  • Krm = 5.108 m Ohm
  • Erm = 0.728
  • Mms = 67.034 g
  • Mmd = 60.000 g
  • Kxm = 28.394 mH
  • Exm = 0.577


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