Cerwin Vega HT-210C Dual Sub Woofer Center Channel Crossover 8 Ohms

Cerwin Vega HT-210C Dual Sub Woofer Center Channel Crossover 8 Ohms New Nifty
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Cerwin Vega HT-210C Dual Sub Woofer Center Channel Crossover 8 Ohms New Nifty


This is one nifty audio crossover, it combines a dual sub woofer with a center channel speaker.  It is 8 ohm, has Inputs for the Center Channel as well as the Right and Left sub, plus a pair of Front Channel Outputs to run to Satellite Speakers.
It is kind of a swiss army knife crossover, seems to do a little bit of everything..
Cerwin Vega's design had Two 10" Subs, a 6.5" mid driver and a 1" dome tweeter all in a coffee table sized cabinet, 33 inches long, 19" high and 20 inches deep, they used a ported design with both woofers having their own chamber, and the mid being isolated in it's own ported chamber as well.  The power was down due to the limitations of the drivers used, the 10" was only good to 150 watts, the center part to 80.  Mixing it up this would also make a good crossover for a pair of 12" drivers as well, that would increase the wattage handling to 250 watts.
You can follow the Cerwin Vega design closely or use it as a starting point, and go with a set of 12"s or even 15's if you want, you would need to adjust the cabinet size to accommodate the larger drivers. For a 12" design I'd increase the length to 36" and for the 15" design increase the length to 40" height and depth should be fine.  Although for use with a 15" design you may want ti increase the height 1 or 2 inches for more port room.
You can put together your own kit of components, or search our store for our complete kit of components in either the 12 inch or 10 inch design..

The components you will need to build your own HT-210C clone, either a 33' x 19" x 20" cabinet, or for the larger 12" design a cabinet of 36" x 19" x 20",  Two sub port tubes 3", One 2" Center Port Tube, two either 10" or 12" woofers, a 6.5" mid range driver, and a dome tweeter plus this nifty Cerwin Vega HT-210C Crossover to tie everything together..  By the way all of the drivers need to be 8 ohms to match up to the crossover.
I will put together a set of plans on building either the 10" or 12" designs with my listings of the full kit of components. So again search our store to find those..  Search HT-210C and should find them.

There wasn't much information available on the Internet on this design, so I stole the basic specs from eBay seller NWIOWAROCKS, I'd like to say thank you and hope he sells his NIB HT-210C speakers.

Want to build your own HT-210C? it is a pretty simple project, a simple 3 chamber sub woofer cabinet, pretty much just like building a car sub woofer cabinet. I moved the sub ports from center to the front side bottom corners to simplify construction of the center chamber. The only other thing you might do is increase the height by 2" if you want to do a Dual 15" design, this just to make a little more room for the port tubes.

Basic Specs.


  1. 300 Watts RMS
  2. 12dB Crossvoer, Crossover point for the 2 way Center Channel about 3000 Hz. and about 180 Hz. for the Subs.
  3. Size of the Terminal Cub is 7" X 5" and made to fit into a 5 3/4" X 3 7/8" mounting hole
  4. Spring loaded Binding Terminals
  5. Inputs; Center in, R/L Sub R/L
  6. Outputs; Satellite R/L
  7. Shipping weight is 2 pounds.

Note: the basic crossover points are based on general Cerwin Vega designs over many years and although may not be exact, but should be pretty close..
Also note: that we are selling the HT-210C Crossover only, and that the pictures of the complete HT-210C are for reference only, what you are buying is the HT-210C Crossover.


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