Cerwin Vega Center Channel Speaker Kit

Center Channel Speaker Kit Consisting of Premimum Components from Cerwin Vega     click on thu
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Center Channel Speaker Kit
Consisting of Premimum Components from Cerwin Vega
Build Some Boxes and Have a Great Center Channel Speaker!!! Solid 6 inch Dual Woofer System!!!
 Super Dual Woofer X-Over with 5 way binding posts!!!
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  • New Cerwin Vega components kitted together for a Perfect Center Channel Speaker Kit. Not some wimmpy speaker kit here, who needs tiny woofers, you get 2 good sized 6 inch woofers for good quality low end, and a nice and clean sounding tweeter for sparkling highs. Hey when its done, its 25% larger at no extra cost and sounds super!! Available in 4 or 8 ohm configuration, note that in the 8 ohm kit we will subtitute a Boston Acoustics Dual Woofer X-Over. So tell use which you prefer, either 4 or 8 ohms, otherwise we will defualt to the 4 ohm Kit...

    So surprise yourself and dazzle your friends with this Do it yourself ( DIY ) project.

    What do you get:
    • Two 6 inch Shielded CV Cloth Roll Woofers
    • One CV Tweeter
    • One TL-280 Crossover, for 8 ohm performance


  • Cabinet Requirements:

    Perfect for any cabinet with a volume of about .666 cf, or 2/3rd's of a cubic foot.
    *Note don't go below 1/2 cf. low end will suffer to much.

    If you built cabinets with inside dimensions of 18 inches by 8 inches by 8 inches, & if you use 3/4 inch MDF your outside dimensions would be 19.5 inches by 9,5 inches by 9,5 inches, but build to suit you needs, just keep the internal volume to about the 2/3rd's cf model and you'll do fine.
    *Note that a good material for this project is MDF, you can buy a nice piece of MDF shelving at your local building supply house for about $3.00 in 8 foot lengths (one 8 foot length should be plenty for this box), most have a nice rounded nose for a stylish look. So for about $35.00 you can build one heck of a nice sounding and performing speaker.

    *A note to the builder, this kit can be used for either a Center Channel or Book shelf style of speaker you just mount the speakers in a different configuration, the boxes are the same size.
    See the Layout Pictures...

    Layout for a Center Channel Design Layout for a BookShelf Design
    Horizontal Layout Vertical Layout
    Click on an image to enlarge

    Performance to expect:
  • Power: 125 Watts
  • Response: 70 to 20,000 Hz.
  • SPI: 90 db or better
  • 4 ohms nominal using CV X-over, 8 ohm nominal using the BA X-over

    Shipping Wt.
  • Boxed Weight 10 pounds each


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