Auto Car Insulation Door Panel Trunk Headliner Weather Barrier Mylar Backed

      Roll of Automotive Door Panel Insulation  42" Wide by 63 Feet Long Note this product ships USPS Standard
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Roll of Automotive Door Panel Insulation 

42" Wide by 63 Feet Long

Note this product ships USPS Standard Package Service
for $14.00, US Address only

Enough Material to do Several Vehicles 
Helps to Seal Out Moisture and Insulate
Keeping the Heat in and the Cold Out
- or -
The Cool In and the Heat Out
Ultimately Making You More Comfortable

Mylar Faced Closed Cell Foam Insulation with Moisture Barrier. 
Easy to work with with, cuts with scissors or a razor knife, this is the most cost effective way to reseal and insulate the door panels in your vehicle. 

  • Great for Auto's, Cars, Trucks, Vans etc... 
  • Anywhere you want to help seal out the interior hot and cold air leaks. 
  • 42" wide and 63 feet long, this roll holds enough material to do several vehicles.
  • Works for door panels, under carpets, above head liners, in the the trunk. 
  • Make a simple pattern of the area you want to cover, transfer to the insulating material and cut it out with scissors. 
  • Like I said, this stuff is easy to work with and can be bonded or taped in place. 

    This is a low tech product that will return you good results and make your car or truck a little more comfortable on those Hot or Cold days.

    How many of you have replaced the speakers or window motor in your car only to fight with the plastic sheet used seal off the opening in the doors?

    Don't be ANNOYED as you drive down the road. You know, from that cold spot on the door panel always seems to rub against the side of your body. This material will help make that go away.

    Why fight, why be annoyed, just replace the plastic sheet and upgrade your comfort level at the same time.

    You will be amazed in the difference, surprised at what a piece of mylar backed 1/8" closed cell foam can do.

    Note that if you bond it to the panel completely, it will also help dampen some of the rattles you hear as you drive down the road.
    ( Bonded in Place with a spray adhesive ) 

    Finally it will also give you a slight reduction in road noise,
    ( in the area where it is applied ) 
    sound doesn't travel well through the foam.

    This is light weight material, the whole roll only weighs 2 pounds 8 ounces, making each door panel sheet only about 1 or 2 ounces.


    Shipping weight is 5 pounds


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