8 ohm 8 inch 2 Way Speaker Kit pair 150 watts RMS

8 ohm 8 inch 2 Way Speaker Kit pair 150 watts RMS
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8 ohm 8 inch 2 Way Speaker Kit pair 150 watts RMS


What you have here is your basic 8" two way setup. The kit contains all of the speaker components needed to build a pair of 2 way speakers.

Two 8" Woofers, Two Samsung Tweeters and Two 12dB Crossovers, the overall working impedance is 8 ohms. 

Here is a great setup for the first speaker project or a nice set of bed room or dorm speakers.
You get a pair of each, you get two 8" JSD Wide Flange 8 Ohm woofers, they will give you a nice range and bass response, down to below 40 Hz.
Included are two Samsung 1" dome tweeters, which will produce a clear and precise sound. 95dB SPL - 30 watts - 8 ohm
They are tied together by and simple 12 db Mavin 2 way crossover. With a 3400 Hz. crossover point.

Put them all together in a cabinet of your own design for a clean sounding but easy working kit.  Each kit will contain enough components to fill a stereo pair of cabinets.

For the cabinet I would try to push for an internal volume of at least 1 cf. and I prefer ported which is an easy design that allows you to tune the cabinet to the woofer by adjusting the length of the port. 

Using a 2" port and a volume of 1 cf. you would need a port is 2 3/4" long.

For 1.25 cf. use a 2.5" port that is 3 1/2" long
If you push the volume to 1.5 cf. then you can use a 3" port tube, 4" long.

A cabinet with internal dimensions of 18" x 10" x 10" nets you a volume of 1.0416 cf., the outside would be near 20" x 12" x 12" in overall approximate size, good for the corner of a room, or on a shelf.

Power would be right at 150 watts RMS, or 250 Watts peak, with a frequency range of 37 Hz. to 20 kHz. at 98 dB. +/- 5 dB, so a very clean system. Again a great starter project or a stable 8" design that should last for years..

Basic specs..
Wattage - 150 watts RMS
Response - 37 Hz. to 20 kHz.
SPL - at least 98 dB @ 1 watt
Impedance - 8 ohm nominal
Crossover - 3400Hz.
**Be aware some light soldering is required, to hook up the wiring in the speaker.**

Once you're done throw a set in the garage or man cave, it's also a perfect Father / Son or even a Mother / Daughter bonding project.  Switch it up how ever it suits you. Plus you will learn about a couple of different things, how to design something then some light woodworking, and basic wiring and soldering.  A great project beginning to end. 

Teach your child how to work safely and how to complete a task from start to finish, you will be amazed at the pride they will have in showing off the completed product. Not to mention the feeling you have of doing it with your kid.

Did I mention that this would also make for a nice system in your SUV or Van.. Coupled with a good clean amp it is perfect for that high end sound with out breaking the bank..

The 8" Woofers Wide Flange Poly Cone Rubber Surround



  • 1 1/2" or 37.5mm voice coil
  • 8 ohms
  • SPL 91dB at 1 watt at 1 meter
  • Response 38Hz to 6KHz.
  • Magnet type standard Ferrite
  • 150 watts free air power rating

Thiel Small

  • Re = 7.0112 ohms (VC@DC)
  • Fs = 45.7853 Hz.
  • Zmax = 22.0486 ohms
  • Qes = 0.7962
  • Qms = 5.0302
  • Qts = 0.6874
  • Le = 0.5420 mH (at 1 kHz.)
  • Vas = 62 L


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