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High End Center Channel - Or - Book Shelf / Tower Speaker Kit 6 1/4" ESS Woofers Cerwin Vega Horn Tweeter Boston Acoustics Dual 2 Way Crossover

 High End Center Channel
- Or -
Book Shelf / Tower Speaker Kit
6 1/4" ESS Woofers
Cerwin Vega Horn Tweeter

Boston Acoustics Dual 2 Way Crossover


Had requests for a high end center channel kit, so I went into stock to see what I could come up with that would meet these requirements.

Crisp Clean Sound, Strong Bass, Warm Mid Range, Clear Highs and Good Power handling Capacity, High and Low.

I started looking at the high end woofers I had for the down low, ESS Labs, can't go wrong there. It is a very nice 6 1/2" woofer with a very large magnet structure, with 1 1/2" voice coil it will handle some power.

Next I needed a killer tweeter, what I came up with was a Cerwin Vega Horn. I've been holding these a side for that special project, well this is it. They are very good, clean crisp highs and a good range to keep the middle coming at you.

To tie them together I offer the Boston Acoustics Dual Woofer Two Way, it's crossover point is very well matched to the range of the speakers in the kit.

So dollar for dollar, I don't you can find better anywhere, and once married to a nice cabinet you'll have a speaker worth hundreds more....

What I'm was looking for over all was a nuce little Center Channel or Book Shelf / Floor Tower speaker with a range of about 35 Hz. to 20 kHz. plus and a power range of 5 to 150 watts at 8 ohms. If that is what you want, then this is the kit for you. 

Taking the ESS Labs woofers into the lab I got these specs...

    • Part number AC-650
    • 6 1/2" Woofer ( 2 supplied for a dual woofer design)
    • 1 1/2" Voice Coil
    • 4 Ohms, (Wired in series in the kit to give you an 8 ohm load)
    • 100 watts free air rating, 150 watts in a cabinet 
    • R(e) = 3.37 ohms
    • Fs = 63.93 Hz.
    • Q(ms) = 3.263
    • Vas = 17.21 liters ( 0.608 cf )
    • n(0) = 0.42%
    • M(ms) = 11.88 grams
    • Q(es) = 1.012
    • SPL = 91 dB SPL 1W/1m
    • C(ms) = 0.52 mm/N
    • Z(max) = 14.24 Ohms
    • Q(ts) = 0.773
    • L(e) 0.43 mH
    • BL 3.99
    • Impedance is 4 ohms
    • Power Handling is 150 watts RMS in a cabinet 

Cerwin Vega Horn Tweeter 

  • Part Number LSH-SL2010
  • 4" Round Horn Tweeter ( 1 supplied)
  • 8 ohms
  • 1800Hz. to 21 kHz.
  • 1" VC
  • 60 watts RMS

Boston Acoustics Dual Woofer 2 Way Crossover
  • 150 Watts
  • PC Board Style Dual Woofer 2 Way Cross Over ( 1 supplied)
  • Rated to 150 watts
  • Cross Over Point is 2600 Hz
  • 12 db slope
  • 3.000 by 6.500 inch size, slightly larger than a dollar bill. 
Shipping weight is 10 pounds.

Build to a cabinet volume of 1 to 1.25 cf.

*A note to the builder, this kit can be used for either a Center Channel or Book shelf style of speaker you just mount the speakers in a different configuration, the boxes are the same size.

**For a book shelf or tower speaker you will need to double your kit purchase in order to get a pair of componets to build two speakers....




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Makes a Great Center Channel Speaker!
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Gregory Furtman (WI) - September 17th 2011
I bought a new 3D plasma HDTV last spring and needed to get it a little higher on my TV cabinet since I wear trifocals. My old center channel speaker was a littlle too small for the new HDTV to safely sit on so I decided to build a larger center channel speaker. Due to my previous positive experiences with Mavin speaker components I decided to go with this kit for my project.

I also wanted a speaker that had more sonic and dynamic range as most of the conversation in a DVD or Blu- [ more]