Phillips Premium Quality HDMI Cables 6 foot Gold Plated Shielded Connectors

High Speed Cat 2 Quality Phillips 6 foot HDMI Cables, shielded with Gold plated Connections
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Philips High Speed Ultimate Performance 6 foot HDMI Cables, Comparable to Cables Selling for $100.00 or more.

Here is a great deal on a Super Premium Cat 2 High Speed HDMI Cable, made by Philips who is one of the World Leaders in Electronics, a founding member of HDMI LLC the group who maintains and sets the HDMI standard.
Unlike many of the cheap off shore cables sold on line you can be sure that these Philips cables meet or exceed the HDMI Compliant Standards.

Really, beware of low end non-HDMI compliant cables being sold, you could end up with a cable that can cause image quality issues and connector failure. Think about it, you might save a few bucks up front, but what do you do if the cable connector ends up damaging your equipment.

TV's, Receiver's and BlueRay's get expensive.

This is a high end premium cable selling at a bargain price, they are 100% HDMI Compliant, fully shielded even down to the connectors. Monster quality without the $90.00 price, heck even at Wal-Mart or the Big Box Stores, you would have to pay two to three times this price to get a cable of like quality and performance.



  • Fully Shielded Cable
  • High quality shielded connectors
  • Gold Plated contacts for low resistance and ultimate signal transfer
  • Full HDMI Cat 2 Compliance
  • 6 foot length, or 1.8 meters
  • Comes with a Philips Limited Lifetime Warranty
    ( if it fails return it to Philips for replacement.)

Bottom Line, this is a Superior HDMI Compliant Cable at a Bargain Price.
I don't think you can buy a better cable, but you can buy one that costs much more.

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